<h1>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h1>
    <h1>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h1>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h2>

    About us

    Since the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce in 1365, several businessmen and industrialists and well-informed and well-informed people who were aware of the importance of the existence of the room were requested. On April 27, 2010, at a meeting held at the premises of the room rental (second floor of the Islamabad Market Ardebil) with the presence of the heads of industry and commerce and a number of traders and industry owners, the first election of the founding board will be held, which resulted in the following men:
    1-Mr. Haj Ghafoor Shayan the Principle
    2. Mr. Haj Hossein Morad Joo
    3. Mr. Haj Seyed Naser Reyesi
    4. Mr. Abdolreza Beyganah
    5-Mr. Al-Haj Faiz-e-Vosoughi, Iran, are elected as members of the Founding Board.

    After the election on Tuesday, July 23, 2010, with the presence of the Parliamentary Representative and the Deputy Governor and General Manager of the East Azarbaijan and the heads of the Ardebil Industries and Commerce Departments, the first place in the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of the city of Ardabil after the recitation of the Holy Quran In the name of God Almighty, will be opened. This is due to the necessary follow-up by the Board of Directors leading to the announcement of the first round of the new Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines in the city of Ardebil in the Kayhan newspaper on Tuesday, August 13, 1995, by obtaining a voluntary form for publication. On Sunday, October 23, 1995, in the Kayhan newspaper, the date of the vote on April 15, 2008, announced that these elections will be canceled due to non-observance of the legal standards. After the election was canceled, another announcement, the day of voting in the Kayhan newspaper The poll will be announced on Thursday, 17/7/74, on the day you selected Baot and 15 people are selected as the first delegation of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Iran Branch. At the meeting on 10/04/75 at the premises of the room, the office of the Board of Directors is to be elected, and according to the minutes of the first meeting of the Presidium of the Chamber at 15 On Saturday, July 28, 2008, after confirmation of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce and the submission of documents and seals, it officially announced its existence and began to operate and perform its duties under the name of Allah Almighty and with the consent of the divine power.


    The first session of the secretary's administration and the opening of the account and the determination of the holders of the authorized signature, the policy and the way of the activity of the room are drafted and approved, and thus the activity of the room begins in Ardabil and until the date of December 17, 77, the 17th session of the Board of Directors And in this session the executive instruction of the representatives of the second round of congresses will be discussed. Considering the fact that the deputy chairman of the executive committee and the affairs of the Iranian Chamber of Deputies announced that the term of the first Ardebil delegation's term expires in March 1998, there should be a list of names Members by determining the field of business in the department of commerce and industry The Ministry of Agriculture and Mining will be informed by affixing the number of the valid membership card to the affairs of the Iranian Chamber of Deputies. Subsequently, four of them will be introduced as the election monitoring board. Following this, an advertisement for the form of arbitration will be sent to the volunteers in the numerous papers of the Kayhan and Hammshahri Islands And then it is published in the ad and then in the next advert when it receives the vote on Wednesday, 07/07/07, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and in response to this request in response to a request from the authorities of Ardabil The Iranian Chamber of Commerce agrees that the day of the vote will be changed on Sunday, July 11, 2012, after receiving the vote on the day The majority of voters cast ballots in the following polls:

    Commercial sector of mining industry sector:

    1- Abdolreza Beynegan 45 votes
    2-Seyyed Nasser Reyesi 52 votes
    3-Latif Mohseni 47 votes
    4. Isa Shahi Zare 32 votes
    5-Mohammad Reza Hariri 50 votes
    6- Hossein Moradjo 27 votes
    7-Fayz A ... Vosoughy 39 votes
    8- Jafar Yassiri 24 votes
    9-Hassan Arashi 22 votes
    10. Naeem Poranadi, 23 votes
    11-Ali Sheikh Garchi 22 votes
    12- Abolfazl Ahadzadeh 23 votes
    13-Hassan Nassirian 19 votes
    14- Mostafa Aramakan 18 votes
    15th Aliyard Emamchai 16 votes
    Meanwhile, the following persons are considered as stocks in cases of cancellation of candidates (selected) in the following order in the commercial sectors:
    1-Seyed Hossein Heydari with 14 votes
    2-Raheem credit with 10 votes
    3-Mir Asad Asad Municipality with 8 votes
    4-Kazem Kobra Sadiq with 7 votes
    5-Alireza Vodghi with 7 votes, and in the industrial section of Imamoured Daneshvar high with 10 votes.
    Then the announcement is required to inform voters in the Kayhan newspaper on February 13, 2012, in order to protest the voters during the legal period, and if the protest was not made, then the approved election and the first meeting of the delegation of representatives on 77 / 12/12 on Wednesday, at 5 pm, the chairman of the Sunni Al-Haj, Mr. Hassan Arashi, met with the secret ballot at the time of delivery of credentials to the election of the Board of Directors, which resulted in:

    1- Seyed Naser Reyesi with 10 votes as chairman of Ardebil Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines
    2. Engineer Reza Hariri Ardebili with 1 vice-chairman
    3- Mr. Al Haj Faiz A ... Vosoughi Iranian with 10 votes vice-chairman of the second
    4. Isa Shahi Zare with 13 votes cast and trustee
    5. Abdolreza Beynehah has been elected for a term of four years by 10 votes of the members of the Board of Directors and the Secretary-General, and Mr. al-Haj Faiz A ... Vosoughi is also elected as the representative of the Ardebil Chamber of Iran. And it is necessary to recall the lack of it and the true human being that is near the divine mercy, and I ask God for grace and mercy.
    Then he was appointed to the position of Mr. al-Hajj-e Arashi and the representative of Isa Shahi Zare as the representative of the Ardebil Room in the Iranian archipelago.

    In this way, the room is in Ardebil and so far continues its activities with the guidance of the caretakers and caretakers of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, according to the rules and regulations. And the hope that more and more through the guidance and guidance of the Chamber will witness positive steps taken by the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines of Ardebil in order to develop economic development and attract businessmen and make a decision on them to invest and take actions in non-oil exports by knowing The whole area and its talents. Essay

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