<h1>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h1>
    <h1>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h1>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h2>

    1. The original of the Declaration of Registration in the Commercial Offices and the Principal Certificate of Offsetting Offices of the Registration Office (with the signature of the CEO or the Chairman of the Board of Directors) (in clause 1, the applicant must personally refer to the registration office of the registration documents of the company's registration department and at the written request Request for the issuance of a declaration and a certificate of office seal for obtaining a business card)

    2. Principle of tax deductible under Article 186 of the Direct Tax Code, which prohibits the issuance of a commercial card (with the introduction of a room)

    3. Principle of lack of knowledge that has not been issued since the issuance of 6 months (with the introduction of the room)

    4. Purchase of a stamp of 100,000 rials according to the property of the issuing unit, which is presented by the form.

    5-Economic Code

    6. Customs Code of Practice Article 7: Non-Trafficking (by introducing the room)
    7. Limited liability companies: Provide copies of the original application for the registration of domestic companies and the official company, which is affixed to the registration office of the company. Special corporations and corporations: Presenting a copy and original of the declaration of registration of special corporations or public companies affixed to the registration office of the company.

    8-Copy and Principle of the Company

    9. Copy and original of the official newspaper about the founder and all changes in the company, which are in the subject of the export and import company.
    10 National IDs of the company (Principal documents to be translated to the original). 11-9. Six pieces of photo 4 * 6 (new, simple, full color, white background, preferably colored and backed up). 12. Principal and photocopy of All pages of birth certificate (having at least 23 years of age)

    11. Principal and photocopy of national card (back-up)

    12-Principle and photocopy of end-of-service card (back and forth)

    13. Principal and photocopy of a degree (minimum degree of diploma)

    14-Principle and photocopy of the Document of Ownership (all pages, in particular the Transaction Page), and in the case of renting a place, a coded lease called the Company, and at the Tradeshow Council and Print Code, the Interception Code, and in accordance with paragraph 1-1.4, the issuance and issuance of an appropriate Commercial Card With the field of activity and work and trade (the original documents are submitted for transcription on the same principle)

    15-Form A confirmation of the current account of the applicant (also "must be from the opening of the current account for the past 3 months, and at the time of submission of the completed form, the check list of the same account must be submitted to enter the serial number in the relevant form, as well as on check-back The bank must announce its comments.)

    16. Confirmation of form (d) confirming the applicant's signature by the Office (forms will be provided)

    The 17-pill case is billed to Account 0105401386003 called Chamber of Commerce with the National Bank of Experts for the entrance fee of 2,000,000 Rials.

    18-Payments to account 0105401386003 called Chamber of Commerce with the National Bank of the city of experts, according to the registered capital in the company's registration and corporate statement (Capital up to 300,000,000 Rials 2,500,000 Rials, Capital up to 2,000,000,000 Rials, 4,000,000 Rials, 000,000 / 2 riyals worth 5,000,000 ریال)

    19-PayPal to account 0105401386003 called Chamber of Commerce with National Bank Branch of the City of Experts Bombleg 5000,000 Rials

    20-Payments to Account 0105401386003 called Chamber of Commerce with the National Bank of the Branch of the Town of Experts, amounting to 200,000 Rials for subscribing to the publication.

    21. Payments to the Account 0500042639609 called the Union of Agricultural Producers Exporters amounting to 500,000 Rials to the Labor Office of the Republic of Karina, - or a pay-as-you-go payment account of 0338456228002 in the name of the Industrial Union in the amount of 5000,000 Rials with the National Bank of Experts (in terms of the choice of the applicant who is one of the agricultural unions Or industry should be chosen.)

    22-Payments to Account 0107387362006 called Chamber of Commerce with the National Bank of Experts for 500,000 Rials for diplomas and baccalaureate and above unrelated and 250,000 Rials for a Bachelor's Degree and above in Economics and Business Administration.

    23-payout invoice to account 2175760972004 called Trading Organization Bomblech 440,000 Rials National Bank of the Branch of Experts.

    24. Principal Power of Attorney if you have a lawyer.

    25. Non-Iranian non-Iranian visa applicants, in addition to submitting the above documents, are required to provide the foreign directors with the approval of their respective embassies and provide a copy of the work permit, together with the original documents.

    1. The CEO of the company can only receive a recharge card.
    2. The applicant's presence in the classroom is required.
    3. Full-time government employees can not receive a business card.
    4. Any person can not have more than one business card, legal or real.
    5. A single business card is issued for each unit.
    6-The addresses included in the company's newspaper, the return statement, the property registration certificate, and the ownership or lease document must be commensurate with the trade.
    7. The presence of the cardholder in all stages of the card acceptance and delivery is mandatory.

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