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    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی، صنایع، معادن و کشاورزی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h2>
    <h2>اتاق بازرگانی اردبیل<h2>

    Emphasizing the Minister of the Economy on the use of the private sector from foreign credit lines (3)

    The first meeting of the Dialogue Council in the 12th government was held by the Minister of Economy Masoud Karbassian, Gholam Hossein Shafei, the Chancellor of Iran, and a group of private sector activists and executives of government agencies.


    The head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce at the beginning of the meeting, thanking the efforts of Ali Tayybnaya, the former Minister of Economy and the chairman of the Dialogue Council, said: "The new head of the council, Mr. Karbassian, is a long-standing private sector, with valuable experience and positive views about the private sector, can be the source of positive developments. To be

    "Our first demand is that all members of the Council for Dialogue, whether ministers or directors of government agencies and parliamentarians, be present regularly in Council meetings, so that the Council of Dialogue, which will take action," said Gholamhossein Shafei, in a speech on the most important demands of the private sector. It is worthy of the House and the adoption of the Law on Continuous Improvement of the Business Environment.

    Shafi'i also noted the need for the implementation of the Council's resolutions, and said: Given the fact that the Sixth Program approved the adoption of the decisions of the Council for dialogue within thirty days in the government, we ask the Minister of Finance to make arrangements Provide this process.

    The head of the Iranian chamber also referred to the Provincial Dialogue Councils and said: Given the great distance between the notification and the implementation of the guidelines, regulations and directives in the provinces, we expect that in cooperation with the governors in the Provincial Dialogue Council, this issue is being examined and monitored and brought to the National Dialogue Council To help solve the problem in remote areas of the capital.

    "The majority of the people who are present in this body are also at the Economic Council, which helps to quickly implement the council's resolutions," said the minister of economic and financial affairs at the 12th government meeting at the government-private-sector talks.

    Massoud Karbasiyan added: "We have a year of production and employment, and we have a strong expectation that this council can facilitate private sector activities. As recent government actions have been taken, I will also help with the implementation of these cases to the private sector."

    Karbasiyan added that a $ 26.5 billion credit line has been taken in government statements. At the government meetings, it is stressed that the priority should be to allocate these private credit lines; I think we should discuss this in the discussion board, why the private sector can not use these credit lines.

    As said in the sixth plan, we can get a $ 65 billion low-cost, long-term repayment line, the finance minister said. Now the space for the game has been created for investment. We need to provide the conditions that the private sector can use.

    Karbassian believes that credit lines are the import of goods while these lines are a kind of investment in the country.

    Karbassian also pointed out to the budget bill 97 that the next year's budget is being prepared, and the government is pursuing the 77,000 development plans seriously in the bill. This case can also provide more space for investment and work for the private sector.

    "In the field of investment, and especially the attraction of foreign investment, we need to activate the private sector, because the government is mainly active in investing in oil, and other sectors are privately owned."

    The finance minister added: "There is now a good deal of interaction between government agencies, and this atmosphere of empathy and cooperation is in the interest of the private sector."

    Referring to Shafei's speeches about the Provincial Dialogue Councils, Karbasiyan also said that when appointing new governors, much emphasis has been placed on economic issues and the private sector, and that governors have an executive and economic perspective on regional issues.

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